Frequently Asked Questions

- on 52X burning speed CD Duplicators
- on 24X burning speed DVD/CD Duplicators



Q: 1. Is this CD duplicator standalone?
A: Yes, all of our CD duplicators are fully standalone with simple one touch buttons to duplicate. No computer knowledge is required AT ALL.

Q: 2. Is it possible to change the burning speed?
A: Yes, the default speed is the maximum speed that the duplicator and the media can handle. However, users can change the speed and burn at lower speeds.

Q: 3. Is this duplicator compatible with masters created on MAC?
A: Yes.

Q: 4. Can business card size CD-R's or mini CD-R's be used on this duplicator?
A: Yes.

Q: 5. Can I check the copies if they are correctly burned?
A: You can test duplicated copies for accuracy by performing a "Compare" operation. This function compares the copies to the original master disc by comparing the disc bit by bit. This process ensures the duplication is a 100% exact same copy of the original, providing optimal playback ability. If there is a recording problem, the duplicator will notify you on the display that there was a failure and keep the affected disc in the machine so you can identify which one(s) are defective without disrupting the rest of the duplicating process.

Q: 6. I have very high fail rates on my duplication, what can I do to prevent it?
A: In most cases, high fail rates are due to the readability of your master disc, especially for high-speed duplication. We strongly recommend re-creating your master at a low speed,and using high quality blank media. Then, you can use the recreated disc to be the new master disc which should be used as the source to create duplications. This process is called Master Recreation and it will reduce the fail rate significantly.

Q: 7. Does the duplication speed affect the quality of the duplicated discs?
A: Yes, the higher the speed the more chances that there can be some quality drop-off. However, the amount of diminished quality is very minor and will not make a difference or be noticeable to most people.

Q: 8. What is the hard drive option for?
A: Hard drives are beneficial to ensure quality burns at higher speeds and to store data that you may need to recall at a later date. With a hard drive, you can store important data or data you make frequent duplications of and easily recall it at any time you need it. Also, it ensures that you can duplicate at the true maximum speed with the best quality.

Q: 9. Can I delete items in the hard drive when I no longer need them?
A: Yes. You can always delete or override data stored on any of your partitions at any time.

Q: 10. Can I select more than one partition from the duplicator hard drive and combine them on to one CD?
A: No. Each partition represents the exact clone of the master disc. They can not be combined or truncated.

Q: 11. What are USB and Firewire connections for?
A: USB or Firewire connections are mounted inside the duplicator and allow a computer with appropriate USB/Firewire links to control one of the duplicator drives to use as an external drive.

Q: 12. Can I hook up my camcorder/digital camera with the duplicator by USB / Firewire?
A: No. Even though the camcorder or digital camera has a Firewire or USB connection, you cannot directly input the data onto the duplicator. You can download the data onto a computer and use the external Firewire or USB to create a master disc from which to make your duplications on.

Q: 13. Can I save files from a computer hard drive to the duplicator hard drive through USB or Firewire?
A: No. Computer hard drives and duplicator hard drives are two separate file systems, so they cannot communicate. The USB and Firewire connections' allow the computer to use the duplicator as a CD or CD external burner. You can use either of those devices to store the data on a disc from a specified CD drive on the duplicator. Once you create that disc, you can use it as your master disc to load into the hard drive and make your duplications.

Q: 14. Can I connect the duplicator to a computer network & generate duplications from a computer on the network?
A: No. The duplicator can't be controlled by any external connections. However, the duplicator can be connected to an individual computer via USB/Firewire connection to allow the computer to burn data to specified burners and create a master disc to make the duplications from.



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